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.com cops for rory is the featured fund-raiser. >>> israel is pulling back troops from the gaza border after reaching a truce with hamas. the cease-fire ends eight days of rocket fire that killed more than 160 people. as part of the agreement, both sides must work on a deal to open the boarder of gaza. >>> it is the end of the road for hostess. the company has gotten the go ahead to wind down its operations and terminate more than 18,000 jobs. the twinkies, ding dongs and zinger brands may still survive by being sold to other companies. >>> volunteers hard at work at glide memorial in san francisco. they will prepare and serve thanksgiving meals to thousands of homeless and needy people later today. >>> in homes across the bay area, ovens right now getting set. they're preheating them. i'm being told that's how you do it to cook those thanksgiving birds. you have to heat before you go in, i guess? something like that. >> for expert tips and advice, we're joined on the phone by tara groburski, a butterball turkey expert. good morning, tara. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. and happy thank
. right now, threatening to derail an already shaky cease-fire between israel and hamas. "today in the bay's" live in the newsroom with details. >> that bus blast in israel just latest scene of violence between the israelis and hamas. we can show you the aftermath. the window's completely blown out and chaos in the streets of tel aviv where the explosion happened. right near the nation's military headquarters. almost 20 people were hurt. 2 seriously. no one has outright claimed responsibility for the blast. but officials report cheering and praise could be heard in gaza where blasts like this -- we want you to hear this, what's happening overnight, common place. [ shelling ] hard to believe this is really happening while we are asleep. overnight, israeli rocket firepower pounding gaza with at least 30 strikes overnight, proving anything but a cease-fire has been reached. the work of hillary clinton, secretary of state, continues this morning. she met with israeli prime minister netanyahu. this is part of her message to him. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stabi
to save the life of his wife. >>> on the brink, escalating violence between israel and palestinians in gaza this morning. the israelis on the border on alert for possible invasion. we're live in gaza. >>> coming to america, the u.s. a beacon of freedom and hope for people all around the world. the green citizenship about to be fulfilled for these 30 people, they come from different lands, have different stories to tell, but they'll all become americans live today, friday, november 16th, 2012. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, welcome to "today" on a friday morning, i am matt lauer. >> good morning, i am savannah guthrie. we look at the statue of liberty live. we're going to witness something incredible on the plaza. if there's a dry eye left when the ceremony is over, i'll be amazed. 30 people that worked so hard to become u.s. citizens, a wait sometimes measured in decades will become u.s. citizens on the plaza this morning. >> so many of us take this for granted. those people on the
strikes that have happened and they have been fired into israel over the past 24 hours. >> they come after israeli defense forces killed a leader of hamas. scott mcgrew says both sides are making chilling statements on social media of all things this morning. >> yes, from facebook to twitter, flickr, youtube, silicon valley technology taking as big a part in this war as military technology is. just a few minutes ago, the israeli defense force tweeted good morning to our friends in america. while you were sleeping, three israelis were killed when a rocket hit their house. you saw that video there. now, when hamas military leader was killed yesterday, video of that strike was posted to youtube. we're not going to show you the actual killing, but you can look it up. and the israeli president announced that killing in a posting on facebook. israeli defense forces then tweeted out this. it's kind of a poster that lists jabari's crimes and you see that stamp, eliminated, across it. an official tweet from an army we have never seen anything quite like this. the idf also tweeting this warning. we
. >> looking forward to what he has to say. >>> also a developing story in israel overnight. three people killed in a rocket attack after the israelis took out the top military commander of hamas in this strike on wednesday. we'll have a live report from tel aviv coming up straight ahead. >>> and one of the most popular energy drinks on the market. these five-hour energy capsules have been cited as a possible factor in 13 deaths. weeks after similar reports tied to monster drinks. we'll have more on that story. and then we'll take a turn, and i know, matt, it's only rock 'n' roll, but you like it. >>> i'm an unabashed lover of the rolling stones and they're celebrating their 50th anniversary. what do they remember as their early days as rock's original bad boys. what would they change if they could do it all again? we'll have an interview coming up. >> you're excited, you're even tweeting about it. >>> we begin with the ever widening scandal that led to the resignation of david petraeus. andrea mitchell is here with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. in his first
continue. benjamin netanyahu says israel is ready to expand the gaza operation. the country continued air strikes on targets on the gaza strip on fifth day of fighting. medical officials say two air strikes killed a child and injured a dozen other people at a refugee camp. israel launched nearly 1,000 air strikes since the beginning of the operation earlier this week. nearly 50 palestinians including a number of children have been killed since the fighting started last week. [ speaking foreign language ] >> a rocket launch in gaza today surprised a french journalist and her crew. the journalist and her cameraman were finishing a taped report when a rocket shot into the area nearby. she was reporting on a media center hit by an israeli air strike. >>> new this morning, a body has been found in the gulf of mexico not far from where an oil rig went up in flames earlier this week. that body is believed to be that of a worker missing since the fire on friday. it started as workers were using a torch to cut an oil line. four workers are now badly burn and being treated at the hospital. 11 other
toward an outcome that bolsters security for the people of israel. improved conditions for the people of gaza and move toward a comprehensive peace. >> while the sides talk peace, gaza remained a war zone. daylight revealed the scope of israel's destruction. this it claimed were the hamas terror hubs. this government building was the intended target. there was no one here at the time of the strike. instead, it's the regular people who live like this one behind me that are paying the ultimate price. it's what israel calls collateral damage. >> it's forced thousands of palestinian to turn to u.n. schools turned into makeshift shelters like this one. factions remain defiant. >> speaking about the cease-fire, boom, they're shooting off. >> israel warned it's prepared to invade gaza. for now, it's relying on the superior air power. overnight it struck tens of targets including this key bridge, effectively cutting gaza in half. while the rockets and missiles fly and efforts are in full swing, still anyone's guess which way this war will go. >> secretary of state clinton has arrived in cairo
eight days of conflict. israel had threatened a ground invasion in the gaza and stationed tanks and soldiers along the border. as part of the cease-fire agreement brokered with the help of president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton, the two sides must now work out a plan to open the borders of the palestinian territory. at this hour it's still unclear whether that truce will hold. the violence in gaza is the worst that region has seen in four years. a total of 161 palestinians were killed during relentless rocket strikes from israel. >>> 5:04. chevron will be under the microscope in richmond as it repairs its damaged refinery. the company is required to share documentation during the repair process and if the repairs don't seem aduate, the city may force chevron to redo them. chevron has said it will rebuild the unit to previous specifications, but will replace some vulnerable pipes with stronger metal. several members of the city council say they want to make sure chevron is focused on making safety improvements, not just fixing what's broken. >>> a san diego inmate
choose obama. in germany, 92%. in israel, polls strongly favor romney who locally supported iran's nuclear facility. continuity and age is important to nations in transition. >> there are people worried about if the brother is going to run amuck. i'm not sure what they expect america to do or how gentle they want the president to be, but they see america as something to potentially save them from egypt. >> reporter: and what about china at the brink of an important party election of its own? >> the election will affect how the world will be going in ten years. >> reporter: analysts say the reason so many europeans could be so reluctant to see the administration change in the u.s. is because they worry about what's forging the new relationship to them and politically speaking to them, change doesn't necessarily have a positive connotation. in some of their own experiences lately, it has only worsened problems, like with youth unemployment. savannah? >> michelle kosinski in london this morning. thank you so much. >>> just ahead, how well does voice." we'll put her to the test after
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9